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The Benefits of Imaginative Play

Wooden Imaginative Play Toy Baking Set Wooden Kitchens

The Benefits of Imaginative Play

The Benefits of Imaginative Play

Benefits of imaginative play are plentiful for toddlers.

Top 5 benefits of imaginative play toys

The benefits of playing pretend include:

  • Practice and develop language skills
  • Development of problem solving and creative thinking
  • Help them understand the world around them
  • Process big emotions in a small world they've created
  • Encourage turn taking and team work with other children or adults

Our favourite ranges of imaginative play toys:

Wooden Play Food

Wooden play food is perfect imaginative play for toddlers, not only is it fun but it encourages so many developmental. Kitchen and cooking play can foster and encourage a good relationship with food. Pretend to chop food, cook food and eat food with our wooden play food range

Wooden Kitchen

Toddlers enjoy copying adults in their life and acting out what they see. Playing with a wooden kitchen toy, you will really inspire toddlers to spark that imagination. Playing in the kitchen can be a good and fun introduction to maths, measure, weigh, and decide quantities for food that is been cooked or baked. Pretend play is so important for children to learn about the world about them. 

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Wooden Shops

Heirloom wooden toys

Cooking toys also last a very long time, from young toddlers around 18 months to 2 years, to 6 year olds. It will also foster a good relationship with cooking in the kitchen. Coupled with the fact wooden toys become toys that can last a long time, and become heirloom toys you can pass down to the next generation or cousins or other family members.

Eco-friendly Toys

Wooden toys are plastic free and therefore more sustainable than plastic toys. Toys made of wood are therefore sustainable toys. Wood is a replaceable resource. All the suppliers we work with use FSC and legal wood that is made of waste rubberwood a by product.

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